GYROTONIC is a unique system of exercises and movement principles developed from Yoga, Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming and Tai Chi. It simultaneously stretches and strengthens muscles, and all other connective  tissues around the joints, opening the joints and lengthening the body. Special breathing patterns are used to enhance the movements and provide aerobic & cardiovascular stimulation.


GYROTONIC equipment guides all body types into full range of motion in all directions. The weights are reduced by pulleys so there is no jarring or straining of the joints. Exercises often involve spiraling and undulating movements of the trunk whilst maintaining full support at the body’s core. So the spine is decompressed and lengthened, then mobilized, and the supporting muscles lengthened and strengthened.


GYROTONIC is used internationally for Neuromuscular and Skeletal Rehabilitation, Dance Conditioning and by elite athletes for Sports Performance Training, and general body conditioning by people of all ages and all levels of fitness.

Instructors work in very close contact with their clients until the clients reach a certain level of proficiency.

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