Welcome to Prime Pilates

Hello and welcome to Prime Pilates. Whether you’re a complete beginner or returning to the mat, we are here to help.

We are a fully equipped and dedicated Christchurch Pilates studio, offering group classes as well as private one-to-one sessions with qualified instructors. We make sure our classes have a very small instructor-client ratio, which allows us to focus, correct and encourage each client during our sessions.

Pilates is suitable for any age group, gender or fitness level, even if you haven’t exercised for years! It is a form of exercise that is great for everyone.

Benefits of regular Pilates practice include:

  • Increased core strength and tone of the abdomen, and more within
  • Increased strength and tone of all muscles, while maintaining muscle elasticity and joint flexibility
  • Keeps the spine and limbs lengthened and well aligned
  • Improved brain/body communication, thereby improving balance, stability and coordination
  • Improved bio-mechanical (movement) efficiency, which reduces risk of injury and improves performance and achievement